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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  January 18, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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down. >> we'll see you then. get prepared for the weekend by downloading the app. you can get your hour by hour forecast and any alerts that may be coming in from storm team 4. to a brutal daylight at a dog walker in her 60s beaten during an armed car jacking. d.c. police releasing the images of the people they're looking for rig now. darcy spencer joins us live. she has more on how the victim is doing. how is she doing? >> reporter: leon, i can tell you she's not doing well at all' still recovering at a local hospital. i was able to speak to her hi daughter late afternoon. she has no idea when she's going to get out of the hospital because she has severe head trauma. she was parked right here yesterday afternoon when she was attacked. >> so she was in this area here. >> reporter: he shows us where his 69-year-old dog walker was
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parked. she was dropping off his dog and another dog thursday afternoon when two men tried to car jack her. >> she got out and they confnted her and told her to give them the car and she refused because the dogs were in the car and they beat her. >> reporter: the weapon, a piece of pipe that her daughter said left deephe g in her head. she's in the hospital with severe head trauma. >> i don't know. these people is just, iguess, sick in the head. because how you can beat the person that cannot defend themselves. >> reporter: the victim's daughter said the car wouldn'ta so the men ran off with only her mom's person. a good samaritan intervened helping to get theogs back to their owners. the d.c. police released images two persons of interest in the attack. it happened on uk lid street in broad daylight. layt
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layton said the victim has walked hisog for years. she's like part of the family. >> she's really important to us. just unnecessary. >> reporter: her daughter says her mom has a long recovery ahead. >> she's a very positive person, very outgoing person. i mean, i don't know, i cannot believe this happened, honestly. reporter: really just a horrible thing that this 69-year-old woman is going through. her family tells me that she has a passion for dogs, that's why she's still doing dog wagking at this at this point they don't know if she'll ever go back to doing it again. >> that just breaks your heart and infuriates you to hear. th now to the bombshell buzzfeed report that has all of washington talking and some lawmakers saying if it's true, it could lead to possible impeachment. michael cohenat like i said to congress on the president's orders about that effort to bring a trump tow to
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moscow. pat lawson. >> reporter: buzz feed cites two law enforcement officials involved in the matter saying michael cohen was directed to lie to congress. the report alleges that then accounted donald trump supported a plan by coheno visit russia meetg the campaign and with vladimir putin. it suggests the president personally instructed cohen t give a false impression of when negotiations for a t moscower ended in order toim minize mr. trump's personalen involv buzzfeed reports the special counsel's office learned about thathrough witness interviews and in additi to e-mails and te messages, it als implicates two othe president's children, don junior and ivanka trump as having received updates about the development. cohen is not commenting about this report. in a statement the president's
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personal attorney, rudy giuliani called it categor cli false. he also said michael cohen i a convicted criminal and a liar. nbc news has not verified the report. cohen, who pleaded guilty last november to lying to ngress, will testify before the house oversight committee early next month. leon. >> thankyou,pat. we're now on day 28 of the shutdown. meaning it has lasted the samen amf time as the entire month of february and still no deal t reopenhe government in sight. today house speaker nancy pelosi accused the president of leeking about a congressional delegation trip to visit troop in afghanistan. those trips are typically kept serset until mem arrive, in some cases not until they come back. particularly in sensitive places like war zones. nancy pelosi said after the president released the letter to her, the state department
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informed her and other members it would be too dangerous to take a commercial flight. in the meantime, the labpa ment said more than 10,000 furloughed workers has applied for >employment. this shutdown has brought out the best in people in the stories we've seen throughout our communities that includes capitol heightsre w a church community came together to host a one day only furlough relief mark today. tracee wilkins talked to the people at that market. >> reporter: they're coming with those bags. >> we figured we'll help the furloughed butse all t that are hungry. >> reporter: the new life worsp center is opening its door to furloughed workers. >> all in all close to 30,000 pounds of food now that we're giving away for free. >> i'm with department of
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commerce. yeah, fourweeks. no check. >> reporter: many of the folks in this line have worked for the federal government for decades. >> 30-something years. >> reporter: and don't know wt 's like to go without a check. >> i think i cry like every da i have two sons and they know and i'm like mom my's going to stand in line today for food. >> reporter: never thought be here? >> never thought. >> who's furloughed? >> i'm >>furloughed. eporter: as the pastor of the church walked the line and heard the stories of these workers and their loved ones. >> i have a famil of five, that's why i'm in your line trying to feed them. >> reporter: it became clearer why this effort. >> it's cold outhere. >> reporter: is so important. >> this is what love is about, about. about, unity is >> the original plan was for the church to close its doors at 6:00 p.m., the s line is long, the pastor is saying they're
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going to keep the doors open until all of their food isne capitol heights, i'm tracee wilkins, news4. as> more moneyeen raised for the chefs for feds effort. it will all go to the world runningkitchen which is kitchen. that kitchen is on pennsylvania avenr the navy memorial. let's look at new video. this is a packed rally today. you see the march for life started along the national mall, ended on capitol hill. thousands of people gathered to protectionab tion. derrick ward is live now with some of the stories behind today's >> reporter: you know, there are indeed a lot of stories behind the ma and the passion that the march has displayed here. something you see every year, and it seems to grow every year as well as does the debate. they started on mall and ended up on capitol hill.
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heand they t hope to have their voices hrd in thatongoing debate about abortion in the united states. thfirst of these marches was held 45 years ago in 1974, on year after the roe v. wade decision. around the time reb ca was born. >> this means everything to me personally. >> reporter: she's formed an organization called save the one. >> people conceived in rape like me, people told by doctors to abor or parents told to abort them. >> reporter: passionate sitions like that permeate both sides of the debate which has shown know sign of settle tnt. the mes anti-abortion march wants to put out. >> it's important for us to ber we want to talk about saving lives. it doesn't matter, it's important. we're here to make sure that everybody hears us. >> reporter: these marchers are
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more encouraged this year tha in past years mainly because of the makeup of the current supreme court and administration. >> i'm glad there's people that are our values. i think it balances out the playg field. >> reporter: and as this march clears up and they prepare fr anot march here in washington, tomorrow we expect to see more passion in the streets in the nation's capitol, where we're live. derrick ward. >> lots of people in town. thank you. expect closed roads and parking restrictions tomorrow for two marches, freedom plaza is a center point for the women's march, the march for all women, which is a econdrally, that will come together the street in pershing park. metro is planning normal service tomorrow with off-peak fares. a new report suggests that someone smoking in the attic may have sparked this massive fire we saw last fall. no one was seriously hurt, thank
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goodness but dozens of residents lost everything they own. invest fators alsond a 74-year-old man inside the structure dpa days after the fire. the report isritical to the fire chief for not allowing access to the fire inspectors until days after tfi . mark segraves has more later. we are learning more about theervice members killed in wednesday's explosion. shannon kent was a sailor based in fort meade, her work included signments here and in norfolk. she was one of four american killede suicide bomb attack. they were part of operation inherent resolve working to defeat isis in iraq and syria and increase stability in the region. theslamic state claiming responsibility for the attack. a day care shut down after a worker was found guilty of sexually abusing children in hie
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ahead, the outrage from parents after they learn the day care is back plus a boost in the fight for 15. e latest on a push to raise the minimum wage in virginia. storm team 4 tracking the timi of snow, rain, frigid temperatures. doug and amelia are brck after thk. >> reporter: you might have herd the wharf isne of d.c.'s coolest neighborhdsoot?
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look now at that report fro buzzfeed that suggests that president trump may have instructed his former fixer, michael cohen, to lie to congress. >>as nbc not independently verified this report, but if true, it would amount to the president of the united states committing crimes. >> joining us now with alor look at the significance of this isnt white house correspon
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jeff bennett. let's talk first and foremost, mocrats largely avoided g on impeachment in the last election but some are using that word a lot. we've heard it a lot the past 12 hours. what does the report mean for the president and what is the white house's response to it all? >> reporter: so much of president trump's behavior in the last two years has on whether or not he obstructed justice. whether heur pre the department of justice to let go of an investigation, his actions around firing the fbi director. until now there has never been such clear cut evidence as the president telling a witness too lie t congress as the buzzfeed report alleges. you asked about the white house response. th white house response has been fairly predictable in they're trying to make the case that michael cohen is convicted liar, therefore you can't believe anything that he. sa the thing about this buzzfeed don't havis that you to believe michael cohen. you don't have to think he's a stand up guy in order to think this reporting is
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because the buzzfeed reporting makes clear that the special counsel is notyi r on michael cohen's word. the special counsel according to the reporting has internal trump organization documents, e-mails, that st of thin and the reporting goes that they presented michael cohen with all of the corroborating evidence and michael cohen then confirmed it. so if true, this is certainly damaging and damning and stuff. >> it's not just damaging and damning to the president. therticle talks his children don junior and ivanka. >> reporter: don junior testified in september of 2017 to the senate intelligence committee that he knew nothing bout this deal, this trump tower moscow deal, he was onlya peripherly aware. the article contradicts that. if he lied to congress, that's a crime. michael cohen already pleaded guilty to lying to congress. this is something we're watching for as more of thisti repor
5:16 pm
comes >> jeff, hang with us for just a second as we shift gears. let me ask you about the government shutwn. 're in day 28, neither side is backing down. how do you see it playing out and how long can mitch mcconnell stay out of the spotlight i this situation? >> there are no talks scheduled between the white house andss congnal democrats. even as the white house tries to paint the picture that democrats aren't coming to the table, there is no real table for them to come to. now you have cgressional aides suggesting it might take a catastrophic event, tsa workers not showing up for work, or some sort of attack something that dire for lawmakers and house to find a way out of this stalemate. at the moment, though, both sides are dug in. the underlying dynamics have not changed since the shutdown started on december 22nd, all over this border .ll dema >> the only thing being hurt now
5:17 pm
are the people across the country not getti paychecks and people depend on them. >> nbc's geoff nkbennett, tha you for your time. look for all the latest from thebc political team on the cohen story and the shutdown ahead on nightly newstaing at 7:00. we are talking lots of weatr for this weekend. doug is in colorado for a wecoher erence. >> how convenient is that. we have bad weather ands h working the slopes. >> amelia is in the storm center to break down, snow, ice, rain, the whole nine. >> let's start out with the watches and warnings. we have a winter weather advisory and a winter storm warning issued by the national weather service. both begin tomorrow around 10:00 a.m. and expire very, very early on sunday. for the areas in pink i'm most concerned about the chance for freezing rain during the day tomorrow, especially the midday, afternoon andarly evening
5:18 pm
hours. here in the winter weather advisory, you can see some slick spots developing. not really tracking much in the way of snow with this system. so everybody with this weekend storm is dealing with rain, winds on sunday,anrously cold air. but only some of us, mainly well north and west of washington, are dealing with a wintery mix with theeiiggest concern potentially some ice. the chance for slick roadsnt saturday early sunday. you can see the areas in red potentially some dangerous travel there. back around i-81 around the mazon dixon line. most of theot area bad. the d.c. metro area through southern maryland, just wet roads. but loudon coun could see some slick spots out there tomorrow and early sunday. with more on theg tim we'll send it out to colorado. doug, you got the tough one this weekend. >> absolutely el. it's great out here.
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love being out here. obviously love being hereth for skiing but learning so much about climate and whether in our ar too that i'm going to be able to bring back to the viewers. here today you can see what's going on. we've had about 6 inches of snow thus far. this is the same storm moving across the country and that's going to have maj impact from our area up the east coast. we'll look and show you where the storm is and how it continues to make its way off to erthe east. deot seeing much but areas like st. louis, chicago, they're going to get in on the action. you'll see more of an impact in the bigge cities like st. louis, cincinnati. look terrain snowro lined cincinnati and pittsburgh, just north of the mason dixon line. that's where it stays all snow and talki big time snow around areas like state college. for us, moving into the afternoon on saturday by tomorrow afternoon 5:00, it's all rain d.c. southward.
5:20 pm
it's all to the north and west. frederick, hagerstown, that's the area impacted. if youive around the haguerstown area be ready for a high impact event saturday into saturday night. at happens sunday morning, starts to change to all rain. becomes more of a rainstorm, a cold rainstorm, and speaking of the cold, hello arctic air moving in on sunday, into then day monday. by monday morning we're talking windut chills a 5 to 10 degrees below zero and maybe closeo 15 below zero in some of the areas to the north, lik hagerstown and fred not many people are going to love it as it moves to the east. i know you'll have much morehe overext couple hours. >> i have the storm team 4 four zone forecast at 5:50. th is about the temperatures. 9:00 a.m., most of us are dry, but nores and you're below
5:21 pm
freezing. s there is concern for freezing rain, for somew as well. 5:00 p.m., fredericks, hagerstown, martinsburg, this is where we could see some ice developing. notice gaithersburg, washington, manassas, at 37 degrees out there. so not a big concern for slick nads in the d.c. metro area tomorrow butth and west of town, as doug was saying, potentially moderate to high impact event. we are in weather alert mode all weekend longith this storm system. 40 degrees tomorrow, we're at 40 degrees tomrow night. sunday we're at 40 degrees in the morning hours but we fall into the 20s throughout the day. byunday night, a low temperature of 14 degrees. boels more like anywhere from 10 below zero to 10 with the winds. dangerously cold for martin luther king jr. day. more on the storm system coming up. the government shutdown almost a month long now and stress levels are rising among
5:22 pm
federal worker >> i want something that's more secure. something i know they're not going to have a shutdown. >> ahead why one woman said she's ready to leave the government service for good. a homemade entirely out of ice. it's g
5:23 pm
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justmagine not bei able to afford to keep the heat on where you live.
5:25 pm
tommy mcfly working for you in the district wharf in the ice chhouse. >> ws helping warm our neighbors. >> reporter: how we doing? this ice house will be all icweekend long on the dis peer. peacock and i are hanging out because we are drawing attention and helping our neighbors who can'td affo heat their homes. this entire house made of ice will be here all weekend long. it's a great chance to tell your friends what you're doing. major hall is with us from the salvation army. salvation arm and washington gas ave been working to help our neighbors stay warm for a long time. >> this partnership started in 1983 since that time over $27 million has gone to help people in need in our community. >> how do peo ae find outbout this? maybe they're watching and feeling nervous about their heating bill, how do they get help? >> contact the local salvation army office, they can find out
5:26 pm
if they qualify. we help them out because it's heportant people know thave a supporting hand in case they .ed he >> reporter: there's a big whiskey bar happening on the wharf. but when you sit inside, you feel what it's like to ben an element without heat. imagine noeabeing able to your warm and going through that. hopefully you can support the ic house, come down to the wharf and have a greatnd time help keep our neighbors warm. >> it's a real concern a lot of people face. >>hank, tommy. stay warm, man. keep that peacock warm. a virginia day care center rocked by a sexual abuse scandal and forced to close its doors until now. >> you'd think there would be a courtesy to letts the paren know. >> ahead why parents aren't happ to learn it's reopening. happ to learn it's reopening. stress levels are
5:27 pm
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insane speed and capacity... ...they don't have to ask you to get offline. exactly. you owe me so big time. right now is your last chance to switch fios gigabit connectionan get a year of amazon prime on us. j hurry, this offer enuary 30th. 39 degrees is our temperature right now. and after a pretty nice day, especially where you saw plenty of sunshine areas like frederick,loudoun, upper montgomery county. it was pretty nice out wethere. tdeng g otonitaght.
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7:00 p.m. we're at 37. 9:00 p.m. we're at 34. by 11:00 p.m. 34 in washington. and 30 degrees in the suburbs.e as look to the wkend we're in weather alert mode saturday, sunday and monday. as we look to saturday it's all about location tomorrow depending on the impactsf the weather. north and west of washington i'm tracking a conrn for ice. here in the metro area not so much. on sunday t mix ends early, 9:00, 10:00 a.m., for most of your sunda it's windy and cold. martin luther king jr. day it's frigid. right now at 5:30 parents whose children were sexually abused by a v northernginia are care worker say the outraged to learn the center is reopening. >> we're talking about the miniland academy in bris toe. it closed last year. >> but now as julie car
5:31 pm
reports, the owners have a new license for the facility and art acg applications. >> reporter: the sign makes it clear, this ninnieland academy is back in business parents started sharing these pictures when they noticed the lights we on, cars in parking spaces. >> i was appalled, completely appalled they were going to open. >> reporter: jennifer's daughter was one of the victims that boycon molested. jennifer and other parents say the reopening now, bad timing. >> you'd think there'd be som courtesy to let the parents know. there's nothing. and so, it just -- the callousness of it. it just seems like they don't care. and if they don't care then i'd be worried this is going to.
5:32 pm
happen aga >> reporter: mark hub bard represents the owners. >> we have saidth to all o parents that we are very sorry for what they are endured and the troubles that they have had to live with. this has been extremely painful. >> reporter:b arhutied tbbo find new owners fe facility but couldn't own>> any hey are holding us to the contract we have and pophing us to . >> reporter: jennifer says for the victims' parents seeing it operating again brings back bad memories. >> that shopping center is very close. i drive past there. it'slike, am i going to have to avoid that shopping center. >> rorter: they call it right now a soft opening, staff is being trained until enough families apply to open up the day care again.
5:33 pm
>> the slide where some of the sexual abuse took place has beef removem the playground. a vote on whether to hike the minimum wage to $15 in virginia. many were surprised when they agreed to a measure to gradually raise the to $15 by 2021. a vote schedul likely next week. here is where the current minimum wages snd in our area. $13.25 an hour in d.c. it'll be $15 there b 2020. it is $10.10 in maryland and in west virginia it is $8.75 an hour. >> montgomery county school district is jumping at the chance to hire federal wor rs during tutdown. they need more than substitute teachers. chris gordon available inside and outsidecl e
5:34 pm
sroom as well. >> reporter: this is the second job fair for furloughed workers. >> i think we can help probably everyone we see. we have substitute positions available. e also do hire security assistance, building service workers, we have our technology fields. it'sll not a just about substitute teachers. >> reporter: jonathan has worken fora 31 years. >> i have a daughter in college, tuition bills are due, that's on source of stress. >> reporter: stacy is a single ther with a young daughter. >> she knows i'm not getting a paycheck and we havere to be l ability about how he support money. >> reporter: she supports herre two chi and mother. >> i call the companies and they're not helping people like they say they are. my land lord had been semipatient but she wants me to pay the rent.
5:35 pm
>>eporter: she said she's ready to leave the federal workforce if she can get a full time job. >> i want something more accident occusecure. something i know we're not going to have a shutdown. >> reporter: these job applicants will be fingerprinted and undergo background security check. it's a five to seven day process so of them could be working by the end of the month. reportin from rockville, chris gordon news4. the government shutdown having a deep impact on our transit systems today. we have some fresh numbers of how the number is affecting vre ridership. federal workers make up 70 of the riders. ridership is down about 25% and they're not seeing a bigger drop because many of th riders buy their tickets in advance but if the shutdown continues into february, they're looking at possibly a 25% drop in revenue.
5:36 pm
scott macfarlane with more on how the shutdown is affecting metro and m.a.r.c. trains. the report earlier this week, congress ordered metro to produce an analysis to find out what the impact is of the shutdown. the numbers are in, and they are large. metro estimates it's losing $400,000 a day because of the ut down. citing reduced parking reven an ridership revenue as well. it suggests the possibility of future staffing or service hutdown goesf the on much longer. the i team reporting an impact on the m.a.r.c. tra systemn maryland, a major componentss o ma transit. ticket sales down 18% for monthly sales. they are promising a future analysis maybe by mid february to figure out how much revenue is being impacted by this. so both transit systemseeng
5:37 pm
significant impacts from the longest government shutdown in u.s. history. on capitol hill, i'm scott macfarlane news4. now back to you. nbc news political director chuck todd joins us on news4 at 6:00 with a look at the week in politics and more on the fallout from the shutdown. the man who used to lead the virginia republican party is now challengingn county's board chairman. he stepped down from his post last summer. current boardhair phyllis randall was elected a in 20 was the first african american elected as board rmch. he's been critical of her because of the proposedn lan the green way. on a story you'll see only 4. why a federal report is critical dials to a rponsof . to a oassiveire at a senior
5:38 pm
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having to pay a fee to block robo calls just adds insulo injury. now vie rison is geeiing rid of fees and giving customers relief from the lls. starting in march customers will not be charged the $3 a month
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e. all verizon customers will have free access to the anti-robo call tools. your smart phone needs to be compatible with the features, though. another woman is accusing singer r. kelly of inappropriate behavior. and for the first time tonight she is speaking on camera about it. tracie sampson is her name and she said she was a teenager when she said kelly first got physical with her. sampson was one of kelly' interns back in 1999. >> i was extremely i wasn't sexually active. i had never seen a man's private parts. it just didn't feel right. >> r kelly's attorney says all of the singer's accusers are lying. yoan watch the entire "dateline" rept here starting at 10:00. months ago the fda declared the use ofigarettes by teens
5:42 pm
an epidemic. up next, the treatment for teen. vaping >>
5:43 pm
5:44 pm
the age to buy tobacco in virginia may be going up.ip atisan coalition of lawmakers is proposing raising seking age from 18 to 21. they say it's a common sense approach to a health concern. recently there's been a spike in the number of teens vaping. lawmakers think this move will help keepobacco products out of schools. six states have raised their smoking age to 21. teenagers may not understann ther of addiction. >> doreen gentzler is here with more on what the fda isoing to try to get these teens away from s habit.g to kick t >> the numbers we're seeing are
5:45 pm
staggering about teenagers and e cigarettes. a recent report from the centers for disease control andon preven found use has increased by 80% in high schoolers. th p number hasents concerned and now the food and drug administration is trying to do something about it. >> it causes a physical craving but there's all these emotional things going on in the teenager's mind. >> the fda held a public hearing at their headquarters e head of the department threatened to pull e-cigarettes off the market altogether unless the companies thatan make them come up with ways to keep them out of the hands of eteenagers. option is banning fruity flavors that are so attractive to young people. but those on the other side of
5:46 pm
the debate said they should not pull them because they als help adults who want to quick. nicotine replacement theraphes, like patches or gum, can be effective for adults but they're notppved for kids. a lot of work to be done so we'll stay on top of it. if you have frozen chicken nuggets at home, check the labels, perdue is recalling some of the ready to eat nuggets. these are the labels you should watch out for, the 22 ounce packages of organic, the gluten free kind. perdue said three customers said they found wood inside the food. you should throw it out t ore it to the store for a refund. as we enter the middle of winter, flu activity remains widespread.or 30 states rng widespread
5:47 pm
activity and one of those is virginia. that's the same as last week. up to 114,000 people have been hospitalized now as a result of the flu and there have been pediatric deaths. young children, pregnant women and the elderly are the most at risk from complications from the flu. medical experts say it's not too late to get your shots. >> get the shot. doesn't hurt. >> not like this winter weather that's going to hit us, that's going to hurt big time. fit's not one thing it's another. since 2018, it's like all of our weekends he been wrecked by some form of precipitation. now we're talki the winter kind. we have not only rain this weekend but a wintery mix. that involves snow and more importantly ice. driving when there is ice out is no fun. and it all depends on your location. north and west oou washington have a better chance of seeing and dealing with ice tomorrow. i'm goingo take you zone by
5:48 pm
zone first starting off in the d.c. metro zone. this is prince william, fairfax, montgomery county, the district, arlington and etienne kabong. if thyou're i d.c. metro zone you see rain moving in tomorrow ab 11:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. and the chance to see snow, maybe a little bit of sl in the metro zone i'm seeing temperatures warm enough that we look at just wet roads out there. and if we doee any mix it's going to be all rain out there by about 4:00 or 5:00 p.m. tomorrow evening. this event in the metro zonen winds d by 10:00 a.m. sunday morning. then we head to the southern, zo stafford, king george y county, for this is an all rain event with rain moving in between:0bout and 478 tomorrow and it's over by 10:00 a.m. on sunday. notust the southern zone but area wide we can see around an inch of rai and that could lead
5:49 pm
to some minor flooding out there. something we'll be keeping an eye on. taking you out to the western zone, frederick, loudoun, culpepper county, down through orange. you'll see a wintery mix tomorrow between 10:00 and 1:00 p.m. this means snow is in play, maybe a dusting, freezing rain, you could see some ice accumulation and eventually just plain rain. this is a potential for a period of freezing rain tomorrow. sometime between about 1:00 and 10:00 p.m. if this event performs to its fullest you could see up to a quarter o an inch of ice. with that much ice you will see power outages and downed trees. like every other zone, temperatures slowly warm saturday night so it's all rain and enddag early s morning. out in the our western zone,
5:50 pm
this is the area i'm most worrd abou dangerous travel, especially later in the day tomorrow. you see wintery mix moving in between 7:00 a 11:00 a.m., snow, sleet. in our mountain zone you can see and ne to two inche potentially a quarter of an inch of ice on top of that. if you can tomon ow, livee mountain zone, avoid travel or at least check the forecast befo you head out. this is over sunday morning area wide. sundayyt's mai dry and it's all about the winds,indhills throughout the day on sunday, in the teens and single digits. we'll have temperatures anywhere from ten below zero to ten above. this entire weekend we're in weather alert mode with a high on monday of 25 degrees with strong winds that it feels about 5 degrees.
5:51 pm
i'm posting the forecastn cebook and twitter. a lot to break down. but this storm system, location, location, location. next week is teen cancer awareness week. so we want to introduce you to a cancer survivor who took her experience as a motivat make treatment for others. she was diagnosed with a rar form of thyroid cancer and found out there weren't resourc geared towards teens, a s week'sto do something about i harris' hero. today she'sisiting a patient with cancer at the ho wital. >> youh somebody was doing this when you were in the hospital? >> i do. >> reporter: she's here to hand out a tban support g. >> there you go. >> thank you. >> i hope you enjoy it. we pked items that hopefully, you know, can help make the time easier.ittle bit >> reporter: she came up with the idea after spending so much
5:52 pm
time herself in theospital battling a rare form of cancer. >> people would be sending e gifts and stuffed animals and colong books. while i appreciated that, it wasn't targeted to me at 17. >> so these arene desigd with teens in mind. >> we have a stress ball. adult coloring book, a journal, another thing to pas the time. >> reporter: eht years after the first ea, her organization called bite me cancer has taken off. they hanut bags to patients at 115 hospitals in 45 . stat >> it's good to use the cards and the games. they were just good to pass the time. e >> i want toble to relate to them and kw ey're not in this alone. 've been there and we're all going to be happy. >> reporter: she's thankful for how the oanization has own, but the most meaningful moments, they come from her timepe with the patients. >> we had a tee who was diagnosed when she was in high
5:53 pm
school, and her peers were just so mean to her. like didn't believe that she actuallyerad ca i just remember talking to her and she was tellinge that i'm such this light for her. i was just like me? like i'm inspiring toyou? and her having to put up with all of that just really spoke to me. i was like, what i'm doing is making a difference, has made a difference. >> nickie told me in those kind of moments that's when she feer battle with thyroid cancer it. all worth bite me cancer initiated the first teen cancer awareness week in virginia in 2015. if you'd like to learn more aeck out the nbc washington and search harris' hero. bite me cancer was the mantra
5:54 pm
she used to fight her own battle with cancer. >> those bags are personalized. she understands the struggle at their age. it is different as she said. that's a beautiful story. >> way to go, nickie. we're going to talk about a massive fire that ripped t ough a senior apartment center. i'm sure you remember this. >> today we're learning more about what caused the .fire onlyro
5:55 pm
er is rebuilding a newborn's heart... and restoring a father's faith. it's standing tall after one surgery... not six. stronger is being a typical kid... despite a rare disorder. stronger is finding it earlier ... and coming home sooner. stronger is seeking answers... and not giving up, until you find them. because we don't just want your kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger.
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z34hbz z16fz y34hby y16fy
5:57 pm
federal investigators are critical of d.c.'s fire chief in a new report about a fire in an apartment complex for seniors. that fire left dozens with noth g. this eveniwe're getting a better sense of a possible mark segraves a story he brought you first on news4. >> reporter: while the official cause is listed as undetermined, investigators have ruled out any electrical or mechanical failure that could have started the fire. according to a neweportrom the arson task force, there's clear evidence someone tried to put o fire with a garden hose when it first started and the mt likel cause of the fire was human activity in the attic. >>eo somee that might have been there may have smoked there, smoked on the roof,hat the cause came from there. >> reporter: the report goes on to be critical of the d.c. fire
5:58 pm
chief for denying access to investigators as well as denying access to search and rescue teams. even though the owner of the building wased all access inside the building in the first several days after there d.c.'s deputy mayor for public safety said the firehief made those decisions with safety in mind. >> he has to balance access for investigators with the fact that it's a building that still is at risk even for investigators for collapse. >> reporter: a 74-year-old man was discoveredhe alive inside burned out building five days after the fire. the report reveals that data from the building's fire alarm system was los because investigators were not allowed to inspect it right after the fi . donahue says the delayed search for survivors is something district officials are still looking >> that really is a focus of one of the after-action faus that have to do and we have to get better on in future fires. >> reporter: the report estimates damage to the building
5:59 pm
at more than $50 million. in southeast, mark segraves, news4. it's another busy fridayg even news4 at 6:00. i'm doreen gentzler. >> i'm leon harris. and we are tracking a winter stor that's going to have a major impact on your weekend whether not you see snow. winter storm warnings start . tomorrow buzzfeed bombshell. president trump accused of ordering his personal attorney to lie to congress. the special counsel reportedly has evidence to back it up. now the white house is responding. four weeks ofow shutdow in the then on families only getting worse. >> mommy's going to stand in line today for food, you know. > we begin to tonight with the weather forecast and the second half of our one two punch of >> enjoy the friday night because getting around this
6:00 pm
weekend could get tricky. let's get right to amelia draper. >> this system is really about location. here in the d.c. metro area, south and i.c.east, this is loo like rain, beginning as a wintery mix but quickly changing rain.o not necessarily the case north and west of washington, the national weather service has issued a winter storm warning for all the counties in pink. this begins tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. as e sunday at 6:00 a.m. this is maryland, virginia, back through the panhandle of west virginia. i'm most concerned for icing out there tomorrow throughout t y. we have a winter weather advisory for norther fauquier, loudon county and howard. this runs through midnight tomorrow. theiggest impa north and west. it's going to be a messy saturday looking mainly dry on sunday. i


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